Greeting Cards

Today, we can’t imagine life without technology. Telephones, computers and tablets have become our everyday.
How much easier it’s to communicate now. If you need to talk to someone, you can send an email, text message or even faster call!
Life is more exciting, easier and faster. It’s safe to say that technological progress is running more and more, and we’re running with him. Exactly.

And does anyone remember how they used to communicate in the past?
How did you wait for weeks to receive a message from loved ones?
How was the letterbox checked daily? How exciting was it to open the envelope and check what’s inside?
These emotions can still be with you. Check why it’s worth slowing down and sending greeting cards.

Stand out!

Let’s start with the fact that the writing of a letter has a very good effect on improving our well-being and mental performance. Importantly, the letter tells a lot about us, because the handwriting is our hallmark, clearly showing the state of our emotions. This makes handwriting a much more intimate form of communicating information. 
Certainly, the recipient will be pleasantly surprised and will remember our gesture for longer.

The tradition of writing greeting cards

A few years ago, we couldn’t imagine not sending a greeting card. Handwritten greetings on the occasion of: holidays, birthdays testified to remembrance and respect for loved ones. This custom was also practiced during holiday trips and other journeys. A mandatory point of each trip was a visit to the post office and sending a card with a view, including short greetings. 

A card that you will not delete

Technology gives us many possibilities, facilitates contact with the world and with loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s also often unreliable. How many times has important email or message been deleted? Failures of telephones and computers aren’t uncommon, and it’s in them that we store the most valuable data. It’s similar with messages from close people. We’re often responsible for erasing important content by mistake. Such messages can no longer be recovered. There is no such risk in the case of a card or postcard. Hanged on the fridge, it will always remind us of our loved ones.

Create a better relationship

Today we receive a large amount of text messages, e-mails with advertisements, offers that we delete quickly. Birthday and holiday greetings are sent the same way. Traditional greeting cards are nice gestures that bear witness to memory. An even better idea is to send a personalized greeting card, ideally suited to interests, which you can order in our shop. Why? It will show a greater commitment and willingness to please the other person. Thanks to this form of wishes, we will establish a closer relationship. The recipient will know that we took the time to make her happy.