AAW Gooses

Some time ago I found art challenge #animaladventuresweek and I fall in love with the idea!

I couldn’t find this challenge for this year, so I thought it not will be organised and started the prompts from last years (my Archie the bear collection 🐻).

You can’t imagine how happy I was when I found out it will be this year too and it’s not too late to join! I’m so excited, because the prompts always giving me a lot inspiration and motivation to draw.

This year prompts was:
1. Morning has Broken
2. On the Farm
3. In the Meadow
4. Downtown
5. By the Sea
6. Oh no, a Storm!
7. Bedtime

The amazing hosts this year was Raahat Kaduji, Anna Lunak, Emily Thatcher, Emma Martschinke, Lara Hacker and Thejal Mathura.
Below you can check my all illustration for this challenge, if you’re interested in full version I can invite you on my instagram.

Downtown | Animal Adventures Week 2022