Stickers Market

Some time ago I got an offer to test stickers from a Sticker Market. It’s a small company based in London and their products are printed offshore. Their offer includes mainly stickers of various types, shapes and applications, but also other printing services like business cards and tags.

I decided to test their products because I had an idea for stickers that I could put on my shop parcels. I wanted my customers to know immediately what is waiting for them in the package, and at the same time I wanted to inform the postmen how to care for it (I think we all agree that the red text “please do not bend” is not very cute). 

So I designed a small sticker with my leaves, the words “cute stationery inside – handle with care” and my shop details. The task wasn’t easy as the file had to be designed in vectors, and I’m more of a Photoshop person, but I think I made it. When checking the Sticker Market offer, I immediately noticed the transparent stickers. I really wanted to test them, and they seemed perfect for my needs.
I’m so grateful that the customer service asked me what I would use the stickers for before sending the files for printing. It turned out that the transparent stickers that I made up for myself would not work completely on the kraft envelopes in which I send my orders. I didn’t think it through at all! It’s good that Elle which I worked with caught this mistake for me, explained how the transparent stickers working and offered me a different solution. So finally I decided to order Kiss Cut Bumper Stickers made from white PVC in a glossy finish. This is the perfect option if you need something really weatherproof.

My parcel arrived via DHL courier less than a week after my design was approved. The stickers were very well protected with transparent wrappers, bubble wrap and cardboard. And I was really surprised by the quality of the print and materials.

The paper is quite thick and sticks very well to the surface, there is no problem with the corners peeling off as it was with other stickers that I tested in the past. They seem really permanently done, and I think they’ll easily bear with the Scottish weather. Also, the letters in my design are around 2 mm size, and they still look very sharp and good.

The only small minus I could find is their colours, which are cooler than in my design. In every e-mail from the company, I was informed that a colour difference of 5-10% and a movement of 1-2 mm on the actual product should be acceptable due to mechanical tolerances. So I was prepared for it, and I’m still happy with my stickers. Despite, this is something you should keep in mind if you want to make an order.

Finally, I would like to summarise that I’m very pleased with the possibility of testing new stickers, thank you very much for Sticker Market for this opportunity. I’m glad I could add another cute touch to my packaging, and that my customers can receive more personalised orders. These cute stickers will now be on every package, so you can also check the quality for yourself. I can’t wait to send them out to the world!