Stickers Market

Some time ago I got an offer to test stickers from a Sticker Market. It’s a small company based in London and their products are printed offshore. Their offer includes mainly stickers of various types, shapes and applications, but also other printing services like business cards and tags. I decided to test their products because I had an idea for stickers that I could put on my shop parcels. I wanted my customers to know immediately what is waiting for them in the package, and at the same time I…

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Greeting Cards

Today, we can’t imagine life without technology. Telephones, computers and tablets have become our everyday. How much easier it’s to communicate now. If you need to talk to someone, you can send an email, text message or even faster call!Life is more exciting, easier and faster. It’s safe to say that technological progress is running more and more, and we’re running with him. Exactly. And does anyone remember how they used to communicate in the past?How did you wait for weeks to receive a message from loved ones? How was…

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